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    Positive Energy

    Premieres Wed, 18th Oct at 9pm UAE

    In this series Dallas Campbell and Kari Byron travel the globe meeting the innovators that are creating new ways to power our world into the future. The world faces a huge challenge - we are used to energy at the flick of a switch, fast cars and cheap, fast transport; but how do we meet our needs without damaging the planet?

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    Air Crash Investigation S16

    Every Tue at 7pm UAE

    Air Crash Investigation 16 uncovers the truth behind the most legendary aviation disasters; every episode features eyewitness accounts and interviews the investigators who determined what went wrong.

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    Innovation Nation S4

    Every Thu at 8pm UAE

    Hosted by Mo Rocca, each episode of this series tells the dramatic stories behind the world's greatest inventions and innovations.


Thursday October 19 , 2017 UAE Timing
Dog Whisperer 12:20am
Positive Energy 1:10am
Witness: Disaster In Japan 2:00am
The Next Mega Tsunami 3:00am
Future China 2049 4:00am
Positive Energy 5:00am
Street Monkeys 6:00am
Highway Thru Hell 7:00am
Innovation Nation 8:00am
Innovation Nation 8:30am
Pond Stars 9:00am
Street Monkeys 10:00am
Mega Factories 11:00am
Nazi Megastructures 12:00pm
Richard Hammond's Wildest Weather 1:00pm
Highway Thru Hell 2:00pm
Pond Stars 3:00pm
Innovation Nation 4:00pm
Innovation Nation 4:30pm
Mega Factories 5:00pm
Nazi Megastructures 6:00pm
Locked Up Abroad Compilations 7:00pm
Innovation Nation 8:00pm
Innovation Nation 8:30pm
Mega Factories 9:00pm
Nazi Megastructures 9:50pm
Locked Up Abroad Compilations 10:40pm
Innovation Nation 11:30pm
Innovation Nation 11:55pm